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 Frost Mage PvP / How to win each class /

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PostSubject: Frost Mage PvP / How to win each class /   Fri Jul 01, 2011 1:18 pm

Okay now its the big typing.. *Takes deep breath*

Arms warri
In a duel start near the warrior. Like 3-4 yards so he cant charge you.
Frost nova > Polymorph > Run away to like 35 yards distance (on the edge of frostbolt ability to cast)> Polymorph a few times while running > Burst. Now 2 options.
He'll just charge you and start doing his attacks. Blink if he does that. Theen most of the warriors do Bladestorm. Save your hp and Iceblock. Before iceblock breaks(or he Shattering Throws it) Use Pet's Freeze.
He'll charge you and he'll Bladestorm. If he does that use Blink..if he comes at you fast don't waste your hp and Iceblock..Before iceblock breaks(or he Shattering Throws it) Use Pet's Freeze.
And now here we are with same plan.
Use deep freeze and 1) cast Frostbolts or 2) Ice lance*run away* cast Frostbolt
Else is just Blink, instants and casting Frostbolts.

IF warr is good eventually, add cold snap to re-burst.

Protection Warrior

You just can't win good protection warrior. Like NO CHANCE. I have tried dueling with Fexx(best prot warr in the server) and my record was like..taking him 20k health(he got 40k :S). No point QQing. N E X T!

Retribution paladin

Pretty easy. Polymorph > Steal everything [You may need to poly 2-3 times] > Get 20-30 yards > Burst > Steal everything he does (shields;HoPs etc) I don't think I should explain that actually. You should be able to win palas like NP when you use 2-3 CDs.

MM Hunter

Seriously. I have tried everything. You can't win them in a duel if they're good. You should be like near them all the time but.. its just not working. I think best variantion is that one. MIRRORS + PET + ICEBLOCK. haha. seriously. In start - Frost nova; Deep freeze; Ice lance; mirrors + pet; One frostbolt; Cone of Cold ; Iceblock; Blink to warrior and start with like instants*.
Instants* - Fire blast; Cone of cold; Frost nova; Ice lance etc.

Survival Hunter

Okay thats kinda easier than MM. Fire ward Up all the time..And repeat everything thats above.

Assasination Rogue

You get sapped;Cheap shotted or Garroted [and now] KIDNEY SHOTed.
First start with using MoA/Racial on kidney shot. Deep freeze + Ice lance + Mirrors + Pet. He'll use Cloak of Shadows, you refresh your Ice barrier & Iceblock. Don't waste your point. He'll probably use vanish but you gotta use Pet Freeze fast on him while vanished so u can burst him later. Everything else is just Running and using Instants. You may need to use Mana shield and Cold Snap to win the fight.

Subtlety Rogue

For me this has been hard fight always. Its like with Assasination rogue but NEVER BLINK BEFORE SHADOWSTEP ITS A PURE WASTE OF ADVENTAGE. This hard may see super hard for you(which is happening to me) because sub rogues are like Imba dmg, can reset CDs a lot etc.

Shadow priests

You're doomed. If the priest Dispells your barrier/mana shield(eventually) you're just doomed. About winning low skilled priests. It's like with palas. Polymorph> steal all [Get slow fall] > Burst.. Counterspell his Vampiric Touch. If he uses his vampiric touch and he got all of his dots on you..Just Iceblock and leave your pets take his hp. Spellsteal his PW:S all the time..

Blood DK

EDIT: Sorry but I can't find none for now. Probably we'll skip that one.

Frost DK

Frost ward on all the time. Blink only if he uses Death grip. At start
Focus - /cast [target=focus] Polymorph
Target his pet and kill it while keeping the DK CCed. If you're like ' Man this Lunix is retard why to kill DKs pet'
DKs can get 40% of their health from their minion..thats it.
Then Burst and try running good.

Unholy DK

Same like Frost DKs most of the time but its like..kinda impossible to win a unholy dk if he's good.
Tbh I haven't dueled/faced a lot of Unholy dks but its pretty hard. I'll try getting some info about winning them.

Elemental shammy

You can't win them. Stoneclaw totem + grounding totem + Wind shear = WIN
You got one chance. Run around them like shit and do instants .. only after COUNTERSPELL ON Elemental spell cast a few frostbolts(2-3).Keep fire ward all the time up. And ya', you can be gay - Mirrors + Pet and Iceblock.

Enchancement shammy


Arcane mage

Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Kinda no way to beat good arcane mage.. Its like with most of other classes if you wanna win some newbie. Polymorph > steal all > Burst > Interrupt arcane missles/arcane blast and hope that u'll win :} Oh and..No matter what happens don't use frost ward. Why? Because they can steal it and you deal frost damage :S

Fire mage

Treat them as DKs. The further they are - better for you. I suggest you.

Polymorph > Steal all > Burst > Counterspell right after Deep freeze fails(from Burst part); and just.. run and deal some instants Very Happy

Frost mage

Spellsteal + Fake casts. 'nuff said

Affliction Lock


Destruction Lock [/center
At start you're gonna get bursted in most of the cases.
Mirror image > Polymorph > Burst > Counterspell his Chaos bolt & Spellsteal his debuffs and hope that you'll win .. Oh and you'll need to use cold snap like 100% if you want to win.Mana shield a few secs as well. Iceblock when pets are summoned :}

[center] Balance druids

Meh..easy like Palas. just burst 'em on start > counterspell Wrath > Iceblock on Starfall and let your pets manage dmg & him...later its like meh..Even if they run - chase em hard.
Feral Druids

Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep
MoA their 2nd stun(I think it was 4 secs I'm not sure atm). Burst them. After first blink (after MoA) Use frostbolt rank 1 to just slow the druid. If he's good he's gonna swtich forms lalal.
About Successful burst: Pet freeze + deep freeze..thats right..good dudu is gna switch forms before you even know and he'll get out of frost nova. Instants & Iceblock further lol

Gna fill the missing spots & gonna add more things(or re-write them) soon.

Sleep afro
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PostSubject: Re: Frost Mage PvP / How to win each class /   Tue Jul 19, 2011 4:21 am

Where is resto druid and affliction warlock ? Laughing
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PostSubject: Re: Frost Mage PvP / How to win each class /   Fri Jul 22, 2011 4:57 am

after i joined the guild i understood that frost mages are easily beatable by resto dudu & affli lock like np when they're good.
/point Treeftwlol
/point Milkec
+ noone ever asked for it so i guess ppl aren't interested in it )":
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PostSubject: Re: Frost Mage PvP / How to win each class /   Sat Jul 23, 2011 2:29 am

Enchancement shammy

Polymorph > Stellsteal if he got any spellstealable buffs etc > If he got the absorbing totem(tremor totem i think) kill it while keeping the shammy in polymorph > Burst > Stunlock > When he pop wolves > Blink > Instants > Iceblock > Remove Iceblock to interrupt the Heal > blink > frostbolts etc. > Re-burst with Cold snap
Keep in mind that you have to spellsteal all the time (his healing talent)

[Affliction Lock]
Polymorph(U may need to fakecast) > Burst > Stunlock > Fakecast for the felhunter > Blink through the warlock( be sure u're like .. 10 yards behind him when u blink so he cant aoe fear u) > frostbolts, instants etc, > WHEN LOCK APPLIES ALL DOTS ICEBLOCK > Repeat,Improvise and hope you'll win
Keep in mind that you have to interrupt his Unstable affliction because it heals him. Try blinking it as well (the part when u blink thru the warlock)

Resto dudu
Special for Treeftwlol

Make the dudu go somewhere he cant run.
Burst > Stunlock > Interrupt Nourish (usually 90% of the dudus cast Nourish first of all) > continue bursting >

If the dudu starts casting Cyclone.. u may need to make him stop. Blink thru the dudu or Counterspell eventually. If you lose the burst , you lose the fight
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PostSubject: Re: Frost Mage PvP / How to win each class /   Sun Jul 31, 2011 10:35 pm

Dude stop saying : you can't win if they're good. Yes they might be good, but you need to be better! I will write your missing spots later.
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PostSubject: Re: Frost Mage PvP / How to win each class /   

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Frost Mage PvP / How to win each class /
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