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 Frost Mage PvP / Guide /

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PostSubject: Frost Mage PvP / Guide /    Fri Jul 01, 2011 12:16 pm

UI & Binds

Major: Glyph of Ice barrier, Glyph of Evocation & Glyph of Ice lance.
Minor: Glyph of Fire ward, Glyph of Frost ward & Glyph of Slow fall.


Keep in mind that this talents are for guys who do arenas with CASTERS. I play with casters so I got Focus Magic[Arcane]. If you don't play with casters and you want that one point away..I'd personally use it in Frozen Core[Frost - Right from Cold Snap] or Artic Winds [Right next to Ice Barrier].

Also my mage is a draenei which gives +1% hit rate. For PvP you need 7% as frost mage. From the talents I have done you get 3% hit rate. You need 130-140 hit rate if you're not Draenei. If you got items for more - lower hit rate from talents and use them somewhere else.

Feel free to whisper me if you got questions. Have fun.
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Frost Mage PvP / Guide /
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