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 Frost Mage PvP / Macros /

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PostSubject: Frost Mage PvP / Macros /   Fri Jul 01, 2011 12:23 pm

Mages don't actually need a lot of macros in my opinion..I use only 2.

/cast [target=focus] Counterspell
Interrupts your focused target, duh.

/cast [target=focus] Polymorph
Polymorphs your focused target, duh.

/use 10
/cast Icy Veins
Uses engineering haste enchant on Gloves & Icy veins

/tar *Arena Partner's nickname*
/cast Remove curse
If you face lock or etc. Btw I heard that 'Hex' counts as curse so you can remove it from your partner/yourself.

This are the macros I use..if you like to have a lot of stuff macroed check Magic-wow's forum about A LOT OF Macros - most of them useless.
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Frost Mage PvP / Macros /
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