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 Warlock Guide

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PostSubject: Warlock Guide   Thu May 12, 2011 4:44 am

Here is my affliction UI/binds:

Here is my destruction UI/binds:

Glyphs for affliction:
Mayor: Glyph of Quick and Decay, Glyph of Shadowflame, Glyph of Howl of Terror/or Glyph of Unstable Affliction. (Atm i use Glyph of Howl)
Minor: Glyph of Drain soul, Glyph of Exaustion

Glyphs for destruction:

Mayor: Glyph of Immolate, Glyph of Shadowflame, Glyph of Conflagrate
Minor: Glyph of Drain soul, ... others not important.

Affliction talents:
link on affliction talents

Destruction talents:
link on destruction talents

Have fun. If u have any other question about pvp /w Milkec.
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Warlock Guide
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